Bulky Item Recycling Program

Recology is pleased to offer easy and convenient options for you to recycle items that don't fit or don't belong in your regular collection bins. Customers can have things like old furniture, electronics, appliances, bundled or boxed clothes, and mattresses picked up through Recology’s Bulky Item Recycling Program. View a list of accepted items.

Residential customers are entitled to one or two curbside collections per year at no additional charge.  For a nominal fee, residential customers can schedule additional Bulky Item Recycling collections or can engage us to pick up large or bulky items from inside your garage or home.

Commercial customers can schedule Bulky Item Recycling pickups for a fee. Businesses utilize this service every day as a low-cost hauling service that recycles as much as possible.

Both residential and commercial customers can schedule a Bulky Item Recycling pickup using our online form or by phone at (415) 330-1300.

Please note that large items collected through this program, such as sofas and tables, will be recycled by material type and may be broken down. If you believe your item is in good condition and should be reused, please consider donating it to one of the many drop-off donation centers found on RecycleWhere.org.


Residential Curbside

No-Charge Curbside Collection for San Francisco Residents

drawers mattressII clothes

Our curbside collection service lets you request a curbside pickup of large and heavy items that are not disposed of every day (ex. sofas, desks, file cabinets, and exercise equipment) as well as boxes, bags, or bundles of textiles, shoes, pots & pans, books, VHS tapes, and other household items.  For a full list of acceptable items, please visit our Bulky Item Recycling page.

This service is included in your regular monthly rate.  You can have up to 10 items per collection, with up to 10 additional boxes, bags, or bundles of textiles for your collection. View a full list of acceptable collection items.

Residential customers receive two no-charge curbside collections per year, while apartment dwellers have one no-charge curbside collection.

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San Francisco residents are encouraged to recycle textiles through Recology’s Bulky Item Recycling program.

Through our textile collection program, we will take all garments, sheets, curtains, belts, hats, bags, purses, socks, and shoes. We will take items that are ripped or torn, dirty, or mismatched shoes or socks. 

Customers have two options to recycle unwanted textiles: include textiles in your Bulky Item Recycling curbside collection without them counting toward your ten item limit, or schedule a special textile collection.  Special textile collections are for bags, boxes, or bundles of textiles and do not count toward your no-charge curbside collection annual limit.

Wet or moldy textiles cannot be recycled and are not acceptable in Textile Only collections and will be counted toward your item limit on regular curbside collections. If you have wet or moldy textiles, you may use one of your 10 items in your Bulky Item pickup, or you can place them in your black trash cart for regular collection.

Request a Bulky Item Recyclling textile pickup - an easy way to recycle your unwanted textiles!

Additional Residential Collections

Bulky Item Recycling for San Francisco Residents


Already used your no-charge Bulky Item Recycling collections? Want Recology to come inside your home and collect the items you'd like picked up?

Recology offers a low-cost hauling service for San Franciscans.  There is no limit to the number of items we will collect in a collection, and we would be happy to come inside your home and remove items for you.

Visit Bulky Item Recycling to get a quote and convenient appointment.


Bulky Item Recycling for San Francisco Businesses

Recology offers an easy option for your hard-to-handle items.

lumber fileCabinet

Bulky Item Recycling is a low-cost hauling service that is offered to commercial customers in San Francisco for large or frequent pickups of bulky items. There is no limit on the amount of items we collect, and we provide free estimates and convenient scheduling.

Read more about our acceptable items and services for commercial customers.

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In a hurry?

emblem-importantDrop off materials at the SF Dump at 501 Tunnel Avenue! These materials include things like broken furniture, and large metal or plastic items, and are run across a conveyor belt and sorted for material recovery. If Recology employees find items in good working condition, such as a desk and chair, they pull them from the pile and stage them in a separate area for donation to St. Vincent de Paul. We call this program “Perfectly Good”.

Materials collected through the Bulky Item Recycling Program are recycled. If you have items that are in excellent condition that you no longer want, you may wish to donate them for reuse to agencies such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. For a list of organizations that might accept such items, please visit RecycleWhere.org.

Learn more about bulky items and resource recovery.