Our Story

Vision Statement:  Recology sees a world without wasteTM

Recology, an employee-owned company, sees a world without waste, where resources are used and re-used in a sustainable ecosystem that strives for their best and highest use.

Mission Statement: Recology builds exceptional resource ecosystemsTM

Recology is a company dedicated to building exceptional resource ecosystems that protect the environment and sustain our communities.  We strive for the best and highest use of all resources.

Recology manages municipal refuse disposal processes and services that span the needs of urban, suburban and rural communities. Our services include urban cleaning services, collection, sorting, transfer, processing and recovery and landfill management.


Our name, Recology, reflects our unique success record in driving resource recovery to unparalleled levels through recycling and composting.

Recology companies operate in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, coordinating dozens of recycling programs to recover a variety of materials.  Recology programs have been replicated throughout the country and serve as a national model for resource recovery initiatives.  We are:

  • The largest employee-owned company in the resource recovery industry, partnered with over 113 communities;
  • Over 40 subsidiaries that provides integrated services to over 670,000 residential and 95,000 commercial customers in California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington; and
  • Recognized as the industry leader in resource recovery, having established the first and largest curbside yard trimmings and food scraps collection program in the country.

WASTE ZERO is our rallying cry to make the best and highest use of all resources. Our commitments are to provide first-class customer service, to positively contribute to the quality of life within the communities we serve and to reduce our negative impacts on the environment. Our achievements are driven by our awareness of the impact on our children, the communities we serve and the planet we all share.

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Recology (n):  The science and practice of resource recovery.