Recycling Champion – Cathedral Hill Plaza Apartments, SF

Let’s give credit where credit is due: to those who took the time to really consider the issue and take responsible action.

We call them Recycling Champions. They are excellent recyclers. They also champion recycling at home, work, and to groups they are associated with.

The heroes of San Francisco’s recycle and compost programs range from huge entities to individuals.
Apartment buildings are key players in this city's efforts to send less to landfill. More than 70 percent of San Francisco residents live in apartments, a very high percentage compared to other cities. The Cathedral Hill Plaza Apartments on Gough is a true recycling champion.

Years ago the complex set up recycling stations on each floor near the elevator. The stations include recycling bins, compost bins, and color posters showing what goes in each container. Residents keep kitchen pails for food scraps in their apartment kitchens and then toss their compostables in the green bins. Complex staff empties those bins on a regular basis to make sure recycling stations remain clean and functional.

“You have to make it easy for people,” said Linda Corso, general manager for the property.

A decade ago some people had a false phobia that composting would be “icky.” Today, new tenants are happy to see that Linda and her team have recycling and compost stations on each floor.

“San Francisco is changing for the better,” she said. “People are much more ecologically minded than they were ten years ago.”

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