Recycle Central at Pier 96

Recycle Central® @ Pier 96

A key component of resource recovery in San Francisco

The Recycle Central® recycling facility in San Francisco makes it possible for recyclers to get glass, plastic, non-ferrous metals including aluminum and tin cans and paper and cardboard from commingled recycling carts.

  • FAN3 truck unloading
  • Sortline at Recycle Central
  • Sorters
  • Paper Bales
  • Aluminum bales
  • Lisa Jackson visit
  • Sort Line 2

A Brief History of Recycle Central® at Pier 96
San Francisco established a commingled recycling system in 2001 to make recycling easy and convenient for all customers and sorts the material into 16 different commodities. Recology ships more than 30 large containers six days a week from Recycle Central to paper mills, glass plants, and other manufacturers that purchase specific recycled materials.

Designed and constructed by Recology in partnership with The City of San Francisco, the Recycle Central plant opened in 2002 and is a key component in achieving zero waste by 2020, a goal set by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Fun Facts

  • The Recycle Central plant is 185,000 square feet
  • Approximately 750 tons of commingled materials are sorted every day.
  • The Recycle Central plant is the largest shipper of waste paper on the West Coast
  • The Recycle Central workforce includes over 180 employee-owners, many from nearby neighborhood Bayview Hunters Point

Powered by the Sun

Solar PanelsThrough a partnership with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Recology installed solar panels on the roof of the Recycle Central facility in 1997. The solar array is capable of offsetting up to 30% of the facility's electricity needs on a sunny day.

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Recycle Central® @ Pier 96
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