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Recycling is deep in San Francisco’s roots Waste & Recycling News, 8.6.13, by Kerri Jansen San Francisco is North America’s leader in curbside recycling, with a current recycling rate of 80% in a country that averages around 34% diversion. With an aggressive goal of zero waste by 2020, this is a city that’s dedicated to recycling, a... Read More
San Francisco Reaches 80 Percent Landfill Waste Diversion Mayor Edwin M. Lee today announced San Francisco has achieved 80 percent landfill diversion rates, setting national recycling and compost rate records as the highest of any city in North America. "Recycling and composting is not only good for our environment, it is also good for our economy," said Mayor... Read More
Building a Smarter Planet As cities seek to cut reliance on landfills, a green solution emerges in San Francisco People around the world increasingly understand that everyone must take more care to help protect the environment. To meet this challenge, each of us must take a serious look at the garbage we generate every... Read More
Beecology Recyclers aren't the only busy workers at the recycling transfer station, fondly known as the city dump. Honey bees, which play a critical role in plant reproduction, fly from two hives at the south end of the property to gardens in Visitacion Valley and to Candlestick State Park. Recology employee-owners... Read More
Recycling Supervisor's Idea Becomes Citywide Program for Social Good in S.F. David Nanney, a supervisor at Recycle Central, the recycling plant Recology operates in San Francisco to sort bottles, cans, and paper, noticed the occasional BART ticket moving across a set of screens inside the plant. BART riders often have multiple tickets with remaining value and some people toss them... Read More
What We Save Together In 2001 and 2002 San Francisco upgraded the city's curbside recycling program by giving people larger blue bins and by adding green bins for food scraps and plants. How much material has San Francisco recycled in 10 years through the curbside recycling and composting program provided by Recology? ... Read More
San Francisco's Utopic Dump: Visual Artists Remake City's Trash into Treasure In their book, Cradle to Cradle, authors William McDonough and Michael Braungart lament the one-way, cradle-to-grave model of our industrial system. The detritus in our landfills—upholstery, old furniture, computers, paper and food—is the end of the road for products made from material "that required effort and expense to extract... Read More
The Urban Quest for "Zero Waste" Across the country, a handful of municipalities are radically reducing the amount of refuse they send to landfills, with the eventual goal of reaching "zero waste." Seattle recycles or composts more than half of what its residents toss out. San Francisco diverts 77% of its waste from landfills. Even... Read More
Where No City Has Gone Before Last month, the millionth ton of food scraps, coffee grounds and soiled paper from San Francisco’s mandatory composting program returned to residents' dinner tables in the form of fresh, organic foods grown by local farmers using the city's nutrient-rich compost as fertilizer. Coming on the heels of the city's 2009 municipal ordinance requiring city-wide... Read More
San Francisco celebrates composting achievements San Francisco diverts 78 percent of all waste generated in the city away from landfill disposal through source reduction, reuse, and recycling and composting programs. By working together, the City, Recology and the San Francisco Department of Environment have been able to provide some of the most innovative and... Read More


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